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We are in the midst of a paradigm shift where information technology provides unprecedented opportunities for society at large and especially for education. Where proprietary technology has an intrinsic lock-in effect, free technology aims for self-dependence and taking away the boundaries to learning, creating and sharing with peers. Our future depends on our ability to make use of these technologies and implement these values in our educational system.

The emerging open education movement combines the established tradition of sharing good ideas with fellow educators and the collaborative culture of the Internet and free software communities. It is built on the belief that everyone should have the freedom to use, customize, improve and redistribute educational resources without constraint. Educators, learners and others who share this belief are gathering together as part of a worldwide effort to make education both more accessible and more effective.

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  • The FKI has been working on a full-blown new strategy for a while now. Soon we will be able to publish our envisaged mission and goals, together with a framework of domains and actions. At this point, we are translating various brainstorm sessions into a draft workplan. It all takes time... but we hope to invite you for comments and inputs shortly!

  • Bringing together higher education institutions, free software projects and enterprises, as well as all type of learners, openSE ( has reached its final stage and full force by developing a platfo

  • A couple of weeks ago Jan Stedehouder, a Dutch journalist, writer and Open Source advocate, published a blog post (english version here) about the use of Silverlight in the Dutch public education system.

  • The Free Technology Academy is happy to announce the new FTA Community Portal: an open space where anyone can participate in the Academy daily life and be a part of the FTA virtual community. (read in Dutch)

  • On September 12, 2011, the winner of the International Prize will be announced! (see Dutch)

    The International Prize is meant for a novel and transferable project, which has concrete impact in the Netherlands as well as in one or more other countries. The Prize is administered by the Learn for Life Foundation and is awarded to a Dutch organisation or institute, who make their expertise beneficial to innovating projects in the area of international vocational education.

  • Free Technology Academy (FTA)Recently we came together with the partners of the Free Technology Academy at the Open University Netherlands in Heerlen to discuss strategies and concrete plans to go forward. In this post I will try to explain the main aspects of the vision we discussed in the session "Evolving Free Technology Education together. A vision for the Free Technology Academy."

  • The FTA Network is maturing. Today the Varna Free University from Bulgaria has joined the Free Technology Academy as Associate Partner. The VFU will start providing FTA courses in Bulgarian and furthermore is planning to set up its own master programme in collaboration with FTA partners.

  • Amsterdam, 16 August 2010. - A broad coalition of Dutch civil society organisations expresses its serious worries about the policymaking process and contents of the anti-imitation agreement ACTA. The negotiations about this international treatment take place for the most of it in secret. The organisations have sent an open letter to call upon the Dutch government to increase the transparency of the negotiations and reduce the scope of the proposed agreement.


    openSE project logoSoftware Engineering (SE) is a fast changing subject that often poses a moving target both for learners and educators. In order to tackle this problem, an open approach to SE education can provide continuous feedback between educational institutions and "the real world", where these skills will be finally applied in most cases.