New FKI website

it has long been due, but finally, we're at it: you are looking at our new website! Even though it is in some way a small milestone, it is also a warning that you may discover some work in progress here and there (of course, we're always in progress in some way and it can ever become better).

Some quick pointers:

The Free Knowledge Institute participates in "Digital DIY" Project

Digital Do It Yourself (DiDIY) is a new socio-technological phenomenon, centered around digital devices that support, often through open online communities, the convergence of "atoms" and "bits".
The DiDIY Research Project, which addresses the Horizon 2020 call for a "Human-centric Digital Age", is studying how DiDIY and the increasing social adoption of ABC devices are:

Free as in free milk. Microsoft's business practices in developing countries

A first draft of this article has been sitting for months in my hard disk. I decided to finish it after reading that Microsoft will offer its operating system and office suite for $3 per machine to developing countries. That made me think of the way the giant software company “helps” these countries by giving licenses of its proprietary software almost for free, and that in turn made me think of free milk. Let me tell you about it.